How I got my hair silvery grey.

Hi everyone

So the other day I decided I needed to bleach my roots as they had grown out quite a bit. Then some mistakes were made😂.

I didn’t Intend to end up with silver/ grey hair I wanted a dark blonde with a slight tint of silver. However I thought I would tell you all how I did it anyway incase any of you want to dye your hair silvery grey.


The first step is to bleach your hair because inorder to get hair this colour it needs to be bleached to white. So if you have really dark hair this could be difficult for you. If you do have dark hair I would suggest trying to gradually lighten your hair to avoid doing too much damage to your hair all at once. Maybe bleach your hair once and if it doesn’t get to your desired level of blonde leave it, do a hair mask and bleach it again in weeks time.

Once your hair is nice and white I would highly suggest you do a moisturising hair mask just because all that bleach is gonna dry out your hair. Personally I like to use coconut oil.

After this I used the wella T14 pale ash blonde toner. This is what I thought would turn my hair a nice dark blonde grey colour but apparently it doesn’t and makes your hair turn silvery grey.

To mix up the toner you need to do a 1:2 ratio. So however much of the toner you use you need to combine it with twice as much cream peroxide developer and I used a 20vol because it was what I had to hand. So if you used 100ml of toner you would need to combine I with 200ml of cream developer. Mix it together, put it in your hair and leave for about 25 minutes and wash it out.

You can get all the things I used on Amazon or possibly in some beauty supply shops.

I hope this was helpful to someone, thanks for reading and I’ll see you guys soon xx

“How does your hair grow so fast?”

Hi guys

I keep getting asked by people who I see quite a lot “how does your hair grow so quickly?”

I don’t really do anything that special to make it grow so fast as my hair grows really quickly naturally. However I do two things that do help my hair grow just as a haircare routine.

Firstly I do not wash my hair very often, like a maximum of three times a week. This is because the natural oils your scalp produces are really good for your hair in terms of keeping it healthy. Healthy hair grows faster so don’t wash your hair everyday.

Secondly I do a coconut oil mask on my hair about once a month. You just melt some solid coconut oil in the microwave or in the palm of your hands and put it in your hair. I leave it in for about an hour and then wash it out. This helps keep your hair healthy and your scalp hydrated so if you suffer from dandruff then this could work well for you.

Thanks for reading guys and I’ll see you soon xx

A rant about waitressing.

So I’ve been working as a waitress for about two months now… and I have some things I need to say.  You would think that people have enough common sense and intelligence to go out to dinner at a restaurant and not make it as difficult as possible for the members of staff.  However there are some people who just don’t know how to human.

I have encountered some very, very strange people whilst waitressing. For example we have salt and pepper on the tables at all times so customers can help themselves, one lady came in and demanded that she have a pepper grinder instead of the shaker. This I can kind of understand but then she asked me to get her some sea salt because standard table salt wasn’t good enough. I know this doesn’t sound very annoying but when I’m running a fully booked dining room by myself and there’s someone who keeps making silly demands, it becomes very annoying.

There was another occasion where we were having a really big table coming in so we asked them to pre-order what they would like from the menu so that the kitchen would be ready for such a large table. Because of this we ran out of a certain dish on the menu half way through service as other people who weren’t part of the large table also ordered it. Just as this happened a table came in who were just rude for no reason, they were so rude and talked down to me the entire time I was trying to serve them. They literally treated me like dirt just because I’m a waitress and clearly inferior to them in the food chain . I hate people who treat me badly just because I’m serving them and this makes them better than me in their minds.  When I gave them the menu I told them that this specific dish was not available tonight as we had ran out. One specific elderly lady said to me ” this is unacceptable I came here because I heard so many good reviews about this item on the menu”. After making me feel like a complete idiot I took their order and tried to get on with my job. I served the large table the dish I couldn’t serve the very rude lady and she waves me over to her table. I very politely ask her what the problem is, she then very angrily demands to know why I served the larger table the dish she couldn’t  have. I told her that because it was such a big table they had to pre-order what they wanted. The lady then cuts me off and says with a very angry tone ” Oh I didn’t realise we had to pre-order what we wanted”, I explained to her that she didn’t and we only did it because the table was so big. This apparently wasn’t good enough for her and I apologised and she said ” I don’t think you are very sorry”. I’m just stood there and in my head I’m  like ” wtf do I do say now”. Anyway she was very rude, kept pestering me all night, tried to get free drinks because of the “inconvenience” that I caused that they didn’t get because, why should they? They then left and gave a death glare the entire time they were leaving. It was only after they left I noticed the tables very bizarre behaviour. Now I for a girl have very short hair and at this point it was very short like a boy cut. It was also a very hot day so I was wearing a short sleeved shirt which exposed the tattoo on my left arm and I had all my piercings in as well. I then realised that this table always stared at me quite a lot and kept looking me up and down whenever I was near them. They were quite old fashioned people, nothing overly outstanding about their appearance. They just looked very normal and conventional which there’s nothing wrong with, but I think the fact that I’m not very conventional and normal looking made them hate me more 🙂

I have lots more stories but if I tell them all this wont be a blog it will be a novel.  Every Sunday we do a roast at lunch time which we run from 12:30 until 6pm because on a Sunday we don’t run a dinner service so we extend lunch time. It just so happened to be fathers day and the chef’s family were coming it at 5pm to have dinner together because we didn’t have any reservations after 4pm. (I know this is rambling but these facts are important to the story bare with me). So 5pm roles around and the chef’s family comes in who are very lovely and I made a table up for them so that all of them could sit together. Then a lady comes in and says she has a booking for 5pm which she made online, I look in my book of reservations and her name and booking isn’t in there. Immediately she gets very angry and I say ” I’m sorry there must have been a problem with your booking lets go see the barman and see if he knows anything about this”.  The barman has no clue what she’s talking about as there is nothing under her name in our booking system. She completely loses it and starts yelling at me and the chef’s wife who had joined me to try and figure this out. She’s yelling ” It’s fathers day and I made a booking this is your fault find us somewhere to sit and we deserve a free round of drinks because you made this mistake”. The chef hears what’s going on and comes over, the crazy lady is still screaming and being incredibly rude. I then look back in my book try to find her name, and then I remembered something. We had a table booked in the previous day at 5pm and no one showed up for it. Guess what? It was the crazy lady, she turned up on the wrong day. I told the chef and he told the lady that she made a mistake and that she booked her table for the day before fathers’ day. She still demanded that she got free drinks and somewhere to sit and eat with her family because we made the mistake even though she turned up on the wrong day? The chef then kicked them out because she wouldn’t stop yelling at us. So that was a very strange day.

I have more stories about rude customers and I’m sure Ill have a few more rude people come in before I leave this job so if you would like to hear more then let me know xx

My new tattoo.

So I got another tattoo the other day and I wanted to talk about it. The is my second tattoo and I probably wont be getting another one for a while just because I want to give my body a nice long break.

tattoo pic

So the tattoo is on my ribs which was a incredibly painful place to get tattooed. It’s not a very fleshy area so you really feel it and it hurts…like a lot. The shading was definitely the worst part because it feels like burning and every second the pain got worse. Anyway I’ll talk about what it is now. If you could not tell it is a potion bottle with the numbers 13 in the bubbles. Ii got this done at the Rising Phoenix tattoo in Leighton  Buzzard they are currently doing a flash sale of pieces inspired by the idea of Friday the 13th.  This was one of the designs that were available, there was not supposed to be any shading but because of the placement the tattoo looked like it was going to blowout so the shading was put in to stop this.

This tattoo doesn’t technically have a meaning, I don’t personally feel that tattoos should have a meaning. However after I got it done I realised that this tattoo does have some sentiment to me. I’ve always been insecure about my stomach and waist area, I still am but I’m a lot better with it then I used to be. I think that having this tattoo here is helping me be less insecure because I now have a pretty piece of art on my body so I feel better about that area of my body. Some people may think that what I just said is stupid but I don’t care.

At the moment my tattoo is in that weird peeling stage of the healing process where your skin just starts flaking off where the tattoo is. It’s really attractive I know 🙂 What I’ve now learnt is that I’m a bleeder when it comes to tattoos, some people bleed a lot and some not so much it depends on the person. If anyone reading has any tattoos what are they I would love to hear your experiences with getting tattoos. That’s all for now guys I’ll see you soon xx

My favourite Tim Burton films.

Someone commented on my last blog that I should write about my favourite movies or tv series and it gave me the idea to talk about my favourite Tim Burton films.

Tim Burton has always been someone who’s work has always  inspired me and I love most things he creates or helps work on. I love the cute creepy stuff he always does and most of his films have a meaning behind the stories. Here are my favourite Tim Burton films which he has either directed or worked closely on.

  1. Sleepy Hollow. My mum won’t watch this one with me it scares her too much. This one can be quite scary in places if you are someone that is easily spooked. This film tells us the story of the headless horseman and is set in a small town outside of New York many years ago. It follows the work of detective Ichabod Crane  who is sent to sleepy hollow to investigate murders. It is a very good film with a really eerie musical score to go along with the creepiness of the film.
  2. Coraline. I love this film because of how eccentric the characters are. Almost every character in the film is weird, wacky or murderous which I love. I won’t say too much about the plot because it’s really difficult to explain…it’s one of those ” you need to watch it to understand it” films.
  3. The Corpse Bride. This one is based off an old Russian legend of a man marrying a corpse bride… so it’s called the Corpse Bride. However Tim Burton creates what feels like an entire world out of this old Russian folk tale. If you like musicals you’ll like this as there are quite a few musical numbers which range from happy and joyful to very sad. It has a really cool colour scheme as well which works perfectly with the overall theme of the film, which is death.
  4. The Nightmare Before Christmas, my favourite film of all time. I love this film so much it’s actually impossible to put it into words. It involves songs as well so again any musical lovers should enjoy this. The film has an underlying meaning of just be who you are and don’t try to be anyone else and the film does a really good job of demonstrating this. Again I won’t say much about the story because I don’t want to spoil it for anyone but if you haven’t seen this film I highly recommend it.
  5. 5. Alice in Wonderland. Everyone knows this story and everyone loves it. Tim Burton does a really good job of adding in a more eerie and dark element into the original story which I love. It’s based of such a classic story I don’t know how many wouldn’t like it.

Thanks for reading guys , by the way I just got another tattoo today so my next blog will be about that. I’ll post it in  a few days just so it can heal and I can take some nice pictures for you guys. xx

I’ve been gone for a while and I’m sorry.

Hi everyone…I feel awkward writing on my own blog because it feels like forever since I’ve been on here. I don’t know what my problem is lately but I’ve been finding it hard to be motivated enough to write a blog. Honestly not much has been going on in my life right now I’ve only been working recently.

However I would love to get back into blogging but I need ideas on what to blog about and I just haven’t had any inspiration lately. Tomorrow I’m getting another tattoo so I will post a blog about that in a few days when it’s healed. Other than that I don’t have anything else planned. If you guys want to see anything please let me know.

I will try to post on here more. Thanks guys and I will see you guys very soon xx

Why we’re so hard on ourselves and why it’s okay to be.

This is something I have been thinking about a lot recently mainly due to the fact that I started a new job about a week ago. I’ve just started as a waitress in my local pub and I have never had a job like this before ( Yes I am 19 years old and only just started my first ” proper job” please do not judge me too harshly).  It’s safe to say I’m still learning , I have done quite well over this past week and my boss is very impressed with how quickly I’ve learnt how to do this job with no previous experience.

However I sometimes do make mistakes. For example one time I accidentally took down an order incorrectly and a customer’ steak wasn’t cooked the exact way they wanted it to be cooked. They were very polite about it and didn’t even want to send the steak back because they were still happy with it and only told me about my mistake after I had given them their bill at the end of the night. I couldn’t stop thinking about the mistake I had made and I kept mentally beating myself up about it to the extent that my boss even noticed my change in behavior. When I told him what happened he told me not to worry about it that because I’m still new to to this I shouldn’t be too hard on myself.

This got me thinking about all the other times I had been too harsh on myself about mistakes I’ve made and I couldn’t figure out why I do this. This is when I realized that It’s juts human nature to be hard on ourselves. I know everyone makes mistakes but when I make one I can’t help but think about it over and over again for a little bit, which i know is perfectly normal. We are always far more aware of our own flaws and errors than other people are because we live through them and to get over these flaws we need to face them head on. So now whenever I take orders I triple check them to make sure that it’s right and If i’m unsure about it I go back to the table and politely ask the customers about their order again. After all I would much rather ask again then get another order wrong.  So it’s okay to be hard on yourself as long as you learn from your mistakes so that you can improve in whatever situation you made the initial mistake. Like I said it’s human nature to be hard on ourselves.

Thank you so much for reading and Ill see you guys again soon. Bye xxx